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21st-Jul-2013 09:31 pm - Let' s try posting again
After a long hiatus it seems I'll give posting a try again. I know that my real life will keep me busy and sometimes I will hardly find a chance to post anything. On the other hand I miss fandom and keeping in touch with my friends through my journal.

I'll start with sharing my current favorite song/video which was introduced to me at the gym by their own music channel:

I like the alien like character in the video, especially the one who blasts away the boy band. Some days ago I watched a documentary about a London model agency called Ugly Models. I think the guy/head at the end of the video was a model of that agency and I could imagine the bald guy to be one of their models, too.
9th-Nov-2008 05:10 pm - Of illness and handiworks
I've got a cold again and I feel like a really fat sumo ringer played basketball with me. I hate it! The worst part is, I only get ill when I have a free day. The whole week I worked and went from one place to the other, I presented a paper, I met some friends, I had a compact course and today I wanted to do nothing. Bham! Scene cold!

Anyway, at least I can surf the internet from my bed. On boingboing I found this supercute video, which I want to share:

It's a baby pygmy hippo

I also did some crocheting today. This may sound weird, but it's not. On Wednesday I found a book about Amigurumi in my local bookstore and I was instantly in love and wanted to create something like this. So I use the late or early hours of the day to crochet a penguin. I already finished the head and body. Now I only need the wings and feet. ^-^
25th-Oct-2008 09:04 pm - Lustige Versprecher an der Uni
Gurru Alexander
Eigentlich wollte ich gestern schon einen Eintrag über den Versprecher eines Dozenten schreiben, aber es ist mir total entfallen. In Nachhinein will ich aber trotzdem davon berichten, weil es einfach zum Lachen ist:

Mein Dozent wollte den Kurs klarmachen, dass wir alle einen Inhalt auf Dauer im Gedächtnis behalten würden, wenn er uns diesen Inhalt penetrant jede Woche wieder aufbereiten würde (Lernen durch Wiederholung). Anstatt dies zu sagen, verwendete er allerdings diesen Wortlaut:
"Wenn ich euch jede Woche penetriert diesen Inhalt zeige, dann werdet ihr euch das merken."

Ich hätte beinahe laut losgelacht, die restlichen Leute in meinem Kurs hatten diesen Versprecher aber nicht bemerkt oder sie haben sich alle im Griff. Ich hab dann leide in mich reingelacht und versucht, mir in Gedanken keine Bilder vorzustellen.
17th-Oct-2008 10:03 pm - Back again and tired
Naruto happy
Finally I have time to update my livejournal. The last weeks were stressful and I am happy they are over. I finished my final paper (yeah!) and went home to celebrated the 70th birthday of my grandma. The journey home itself is exhausting, because it takes about seven hours to go there by train.

I only had five days at home, in which I had to meet up with friends and my brother, find time for my mother and eat myself to death. Then the glorious party of grandma came and I only survived because of mllesatine who drank wine with me and entertained me with her beautiful self. *g*

Now I am back again and have started my first week of university and work. Yes, I am still at university, because I want to achieve "Master" degree. But I am hopeful this semester. I have a lot of cool seminars (for example one about podcasts, one about television journalism and so on).

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30th-Sep-2008 09:37 pm - Some interesting news
My favourite activity while going by tram somewhere is reading some magazines. I often read interesting facts and then think about posting them here, so that's what I want to do today.

News 1: Sexual orientation and body postureCollapse )

News 2: SurgeryCollapse )

News 3: Weird factsCollapse )
Last week was kind of troublesome. My new flatmate moved in and I still have to write on my final paper. (I would appreciate you help. If you have a few minutes, could you fill out the poll I have on my IJ account? Link to the poll)

I would have never thought it, but four years sometimes really make a difference. My new flatmate Elli is 18 and all of a sudden I feel really old and wise. I mean, she still reads those flashy girls magazines and thinks her little brother is the worst bother she probably could face in life (okay, maybe that's not too absurd). Anyway, I do feel very mature next to her and I never thought I'd think like that. I hope I can get along with her. In the flat downstairs lives one of my friends who is 19 years old and I don't have so much problems with her, but I guess she has more life experience than Elli. Ah, I just don't want to act like a mother hen!

At least Elli and I both seem to have a similar taste in films. We watched "Sweeney Todd" together and the one day we went to town and strolled through a dvd store. I discovered a film I had not heard of before. The cover caught my eye and I did my little research when I got back home. The film I speak of is "A Scanner Darkly". I watched the trailer and I like the look a lot. I'd like to watch it (what with this level of rotoscopy), but I don't want to buy the dvd.

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6th-Sep-2008 11:41 pm - You're a fox
Naruto happy
Hoho, you are so sly, cover designers of STERN! Who the fuck would not buy this latest copy for the cover alone? I admit, you make me want to spend my money on this and sit for hours studying all the different positions.
Ibu Shinji Whatever Dude
Yesterday I found this damn cute video on youtube. It's just about a little bunny, but I could watch it again and again and again, because the bunny is so fluffy and soft and cute.

Bunny videoCollapse )

And while I am at it, last week one of my friends showed me a very cruel short film about bunnies (he had warned me). Maybe you know this one: "The Runt" by Andreas Hykade. It's about a boy and his rabbit, or on another level it's about rural life. A young boy watches the birth of rabbits with his father and saves one of the newborns from his uncle, but he has to make the promise to care for the rabbit and butcher it in one year from then on. So the boy cares for the rabbit and you know, where this is going. There is no happy end, unfortunately.

The Runt by Andreas HykadeCollapse )
3rd-Sep-2008 07:31 pm - Favourite Pairings Meme
Naruto happy
I snatched this meme from my flist on LJ. amai_amaya presented her answers there and I instantly was intrigued.


[1] List your top 10 character ships.
[2] Put all of them IN ORDER of your love for them. (10 to 1, 1 being my main fixation)
[3] Say which movie/show/thing it was that they're in.
[4] Supply photos for said people.
[*]Extra, share recs to your favorite fanfics about these pairings.

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Dancing Kakashi
Once again I'll share some funny videos with you. And what could be more funny than a hilarious highschool, some guys, who are not allowed to laugh, and a good spank for them, if they have the audacity to laugh? :)

Of course, it's Japanese tv, what else?Collapse )
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