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It's only gremo

no need to explain that

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What to say about me? I am a student and a lover of slash. My favourite fandoms are Bleach, Naruto, Gundam Wing and HP. From time to time, I read some SPN stuff, too.
I started my first Journal here on LJ, but since there was this great Strikethrough '07 mess, I changed to Insanejournal (There I can have soooooo many userpics! ^-^). Most of my newest infos will be there, means normally I update there first and then decide whether to post here, too or not (Often I mirror my post though).

Here is the link to my Insane Account:
Only Gremo became Insane

Anyway I always love to hear many opinions on different matters. So feel free to comment on anything of interest in my LJ. So, welcome you to this Journal! Enjoy your stay!

I have no special friends policy, so if you want to add me, just do so. ^-^

Created by ij-user bri

Created by:jovi_diva; I thank her so much!

Gundam Wing is Mission Love! 3x4 is so canon! And in my opinion there is no open ending, there is just 1x2!
Animated Gifs are from http://www.gwaddiction.com/levlair/index2.htm.

I got stamped at ninjafy and had a tie, which means my character is like Asuma and Tenten combined. I can live with that. Both are pretty cool, although I hope I don't get Asuma's beard.

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